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Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) Management Systems are an integrated approach to effectively managing the 4 QHSE factors to reduce risks and enhance quality in the workplace. It provides a structured management approach to control safety risks. The objective is to have a system that delivers continuous improvement while fully supported and led by senior management. Success and awareness is achieved through audits, training, and reporting that result in continuous improvement.

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Environmental services are built around products such as a family of high-performance innovative technologies comprising proprietary modified polyurea lining and coating which provides a seamless, durable, maintenance-free layer of protection.  They can be used to protect equipment, environment and the work site in virtually any application.  


Durable pre-fabricated liners are engineered to resist tears and punctures while under exposure to harsh UV, weather and temperature extremes, chemicals and even heavy truck traffic.  They create an impermeable protective layer between the environment and hazardous fluids commonly found in oil and gas, mining and industrial sites. They can also be used as a long-term, seamless pond lining solution and resilient flooring alternative to tile or spray-on coatings.  


Secondary containment systems are engineered to safeguard against the risk of a spill with secure, long-lasting, protection.  They are the most durable and cost-effective solutions of their kind in the oil and natural gas industry.  They can be a permanent, low-maintenance solution that minimizes maintenance costs and extends asset life, thus reducing replacement costs as well.  

Maintenance-free modular water storage cover panels along with lining and embankment wall solutions are engineered to provide stable, durable and long-lasting above or in-ground water holding tanks and reservoirs. 


Successful companies are time and again faced with the question “what next?”  Shareholders want to know where the next growth and value generation would come from.  As they look for synergies and adjacent growth, untiring efforts need to be put in to gain familiarity with the new area of interest and develop a thorough understanding of the dynamics in play.  They need to support increased demands for efficiency, competitiveness, short-term agility and long-term growth.

Business development services target the key areas that drive business growth including opportunity identification, market and scenario analysis, internal capabilities, investment required, organizational alignment, financial modeling and future sales outlook. Each plan can be bespoke to each customers unique business challenges, opportunities and objectives.  Successful ventures require tapping into a cross-industry network, identifying potential acquisitions or partnering, benchmarking & measurement, applying innovation, seeking ways of adding value, connecting with all the stakeholders, learning from the competition and developing a strategy with short, medium and long term scenarios.

Sustainable Energy


When it comes to energy resources, there is always the question of sustainability. With finite global resources of fossil fuels, countries are keen to promote renewable energy sources which also typically have the additional benefit to produce clean energy thus causing less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.  Some of the sources of renewable energy being developed include biomass energy such as ethanol, hydropower, geothermal power, wind energy and solar energy.  The adoption of such sources of energy is not without it challenges.  There are often seasonal or even daily changes in the amount of energy that can be produced.  Scientists are continually working on technology that can help better harness renewable energy while bringing down the costs of the infrastructure needed.

Transitioning to renewable energy will not only better sustain the world’s rapidly growing population hungry for energy, especially in fast growing urban areas, but it will also provide a cleaner, healthier environment for many generations to come.

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